Maxon 808 схема

maxon 808 схема
The Silver Mod is designed for people who want more clarity, less compression and midrange than a standard tube screamer. Let’s take a simple look at what each effect does, where it came from and how it can best be used. Many people have been led to believe that any pedal with a buffer is bad… that’s not so. The point I want to drive home here is that if you aren’t liking the sound and feel of one overdrive pedal, don’t replace it with the same or slightly different circuit.

Wrong. What if you were to share a drink with five or ten people? Lowest cost of ownership. It’s the thinking behind the durable grey and yellow MAXON valve. Little did I know I was doing something right; I was powering my pedal in the best way possible. These include: References[edit] Maxon USA website Guitarist magazine, Issue 273, February 2006, p. 122-127. The first issue is its reaction with pedals like the Fuzz or Univibe. Basically I modify many Tube Screamer and Boss pedals to exact TS-808 specs (or better) to improve the sound.

Acrobat Reader ̃o[Wɂā[email protected]¥ȂƂ܂B¥Ȃꍇ́AŐV Acrobat Reader CXg[ĂBOur product catalog, specifications, drawings and other technical information can be downloaded in PDF files. This is a perfect setup for situations where you really need the punch to get out in front of a band for solos or certain phrases, without altering your tone too much. For most every gaseous fuel, liquid fuel, and oxidant stream, MAXON valves produce years of reliable service with outstanding control.

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